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Reference: 3M 8310

3M™ Bare-Metal Seam Sealer is a tough, flexible sealing material formulated for sealing bare metal joints, such as steel or aluminum, as well as primed or painted metal in collision repair. Two-part, self-mixing epoxy sealer can be easily caulked, tooled or brushed into seams and cures in as little as 15 minutes. A neutral beige color, it can even require less topcoat to match OEM appearance.

Product Description

3M™ Bare-Metal Seam Sealer forms a durable seal to overlapping sheet metal with no shrinkage, cracking or outgassing — and lets you apply it efficiently and cost-effectively. The heavy-bodied sealer is formulated specifically to adhere consistently to properly prepared bare metal, such as steel or aluminum enclosures, in collision repair. It is non-sagging and non-flowing, making it easy to apply and tool to shape, for the most effective seal and to recreate the OEM seal appearance. It also contains chemical corrosion inhibitors to help prevent rust. This sealer cures in as little as 15 minutes for efficient shop time, and is fully paintable using any automotive paint system. Its neutral beige color can make painting easier and require fewer coats vs. a darker-colored sealer.

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